Our Dream

Vincenzo and Margherita have after years fulfilled their dream: to buy and renovate an old farmhouse which stands in the view of the village and revitalize the ancient vineyard that had been abandoned for years.

The estate is located at 620 m above sea level, on the slopes of an extinct volcano and this combination of volcanic soil, clay and limestone, creates conditions for obtaining grapes of great quality.

Our Grapes

The wine is made from Sicilian grapes, from grapes selected untreated and fertilized organically. If the quality of the wine is under our feet, it is also true that it will be experienced hands to give her that balance that comes even before harvest and continuing the focus of the work in the vineyard and winery.

Our Family

Tenuta Tremollito was born, indicating first a land linked to the family and its history, and a dream come true for those who have thought, the result of a daily effort of imagination and tenacity.